Climate Change Adaptation: Strategic Federal Planning Could Help Government Officials Make More Informed Decisions (GAO-10-113)

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) was asked to examine (1) what actions federal, state, local, and international authorities are taking to adapt to a changing climate; (2) the challenges that federal, state, and local officials face in their efforts to adapt; and (3) actions that Congress and federal agencies could take to help address these challenges.

This report presents GAO's findings, based on an analysis of studies, site visits to areas pursuing adaptation efforts, and responses to a Web-based questionnaire sent to federal, state, and local officials. It also includes recommendations for federal roles and organization to support domestic adaptation efforts.

An e-Supplemental report is also available which provides more detail on the activities of 13 federal agencies. See Climate Change Adaptation: Information On Selected Federal Efforts To Adapt To A Changing Climate (GAO-10-114SP, October 7, 2009), an E-supplement to GAO-10-113.

Publication Date: October 2009

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