Climate Survivor Workbook

This guide is a compilation of activities and resources that were developed and piloted by the Pacific Institute at community meetings, events, and workshops. These activities can be replicated by others to engage a diverse and wide-rage of people in climate adaptation planning. The guide addresses the following topics: What is Climate Change? How does climate change affect us? What can we do to prepare? How can we create more resilient communities? The activities include objectives, directions, prompts, possible modifications, an appendix of pre-designed materials, additional resources, and questions for further discussion.

Find activities to engage people in climate adaptation planning. 

Examples of activities include:

  • Community Impacts Timeline: Outline community history, including past disasters and strategies residents have used that can be adapted to cope with future climate change impacts
  • Climate Justice Human Bingo: Introduce factors that make people either more likely to be affected by, or better able to withstand, climate change impacts
  • Putting Our Treasures on the Map: A mapping activity to identify the places people treasure to determine how to protect and strengthen the community against climate change impacts
  • Step into the Circle: An interactive group activity to identify which issues need the most attention in order to build resilience
  • Community Resilience Lifeboat: An organizing activity that allows participants to begin working on resilience strategies using the power of numbers

The authors recommend tailoring the activities to one’s particular audience, considering their familiarity with the subject and their needs, such as translation services and restrictions on mobility.

Publication Date: April 2013

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  • Ariana de Leña
  • Catalina Garzón
  • Seth Mullendore

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User Comments:

  • April 4, 2017
    Mandy Lee, LEED Associate at U.S. Green Building Council

    Great resource for engagement and community-building for different types of local efforts. For example, I shared this resource with student groups in the university setting, and it could easily be applied in the classroom or community.