CRiSTAL: Community-based Risk Screening Tool- Adaptation and Livelihoods

The Community-based Risk Screening Tool - Adaptation and Livelihoods (CRiSTAL) is a project planning tool designed to help integrate climate change adaptation and risk reduction into community-level projects. It is designed primarily for the international development community, but could be used in other contexts. It is currently available in English, French, and Spanish. 

Design adaptation activities for communities around the world based on local risks and livelihoods. 

CRiSTAL systematically assesses the impacts of a project on some of the local determinants of vulnerability and exposure, so that project planners and managers can design activities that foster climate adaptation. The tool relies on information collected through existing research data, local stakeholder consultations, and expert interviews. Community consultations using participatory methods are valuable for gathering information on local livelihoods and coping strategies.

CRiSTAL helps users to understand:

• How current and potential future climate hazards affect/may affect a project area and local livelihoods.
• How the local population can respond to the current and potential future impacts of these climate hazards.
• Which livelihood resources are most affected by current climate hazards and which ones are most important for the response strategies.
• How project activities affect access to, or availability of, these critical livelihood resources.
• What project adjustments (revision of existing activities and/or design of new activities) can be made to support climate adaptation and reduce climate risk.
• To what extent the project contributes to climate adaptation.

CRiSTAL can contribute to vulnerability and risk assessments by helping users to collect, synthesize and organize information about a) the development context, b) the climate context, c) climate impacts and risks and d) the design of adaptation responses.

Applying CRiSTAL leads to three main outputs:

1) List of livelihood resources that are most affected by climate hazards and most important for responding to climate impacts.

2) Proposed adjustments to existing projects and new activities to support climate adaptation.

3) List of desired adaptation outcomes and important influencing factors to be monitored.

Publication Date: 2012

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