EPA Healthy Watersheds Initiative

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Healthy Watersheds Initiative encourages states, local governments, watershed organizations and others to protect and maintain healthy water bodies. 

The Initiative's website provides descriptions of publications, tools, and partnerships that EPA is developing to help promote Healthy Watersheds and examples of the work several states are doing to protect their healthy watersheds. The site also offers an extensive collection of local, state, regional and national scale activities involving healthy watersheds assessment and protection around the nation. 

The Healthy Watersheds Program provides a strategic framework and tools for holistic watershed protection for state, tribal and local programs. The Program both integrates systems-based healthy watersheds protection into EPA Clean Water Act programs and promotes development of state, tribal and large basin healthy watershed protection strategies that leverage programs and resources across land and aquatic ecosystem protection agencies and of other partners.

As EPA explains - healthy watersheds provide communities with drinking water, recreational opportunities, environmental benefits and services, including clean water for healthy aquatic ecosystems, habitat for fish and wildlife, and better resilience against storms and floods, climate change and future land use changes.

If you have any trouble accessing the website link above, please find here an archived page. You may find this has limited use.  https://web.archive.org/web/20151001233945/http://water.epa.gov/polwaste/nps/watershed/index.cfm 

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