EPA Knowledge Building Series: Communicating Climate Change

Part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Climate Change Knowledge Building Series, this document provides information and advice on how to communicate climate change to give audiences a better understanding of the issue. The guide includes strategies for a wide range of audiences, from young students to community and business leaders.

Communication tips are offered, such as using accessible language and addressing misconceptions. Several such misconceptions are described in boxes throughout the document, each followed by an explanation of why that misconception is incorrect. The importance of proper terminology is emphasized, and a list of scientific terminology with corresponding simplified terms is included.

The report highlights key concepts to include in climate communications, such as the cost of inaction over time and the need for both mitigation and adaptation strategies. The terms ‘mitigation’ and ‘adaptation’ are explicitly defined. It also offers specific ways to make the climate case for businesses, individuals, and communities. 




Publication Date: 2011

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