Equity Checklist

This one-page Equity Checklist was designed for planners and funders to ensure the leadership of disadvantaged communities in projects that impact them. This checklist was designed to serve as a purposefully simple framework to a) identify vulnerable populations, b) think through the equity implications of their work, and c) promote respectful collaborations with community groups. Funders can use the checklist as criteria for their grant giving, and agencies can use it as a helpful guide to plan projects.

In early stages of an adaptation project, use this checklist to assess if equity is a core component. 

Examples of point categories for each of the three project elements in the checklist include:

  • Project Impact Demographics: Project clearly describes socially vulnerable populations that it will directly impact
  • Project Goals and Evaluation: Project identifies specific measures of safety, health, and wellbeing of people it will address
  • Community Leadership in Project Design and Implementation: Project conducts thorough public outreach to community groups to invite leadership in developing project

To achieve the third element, the checklist is accompanied by a sample partnering agreement that was drafted for the Oakland Resilient Neighborhoods Partnership, which can serve as a template to help ensure clear, respectful, and effective collaboration between community organizations, agencies, and other institutions.


Publication Date: 2015

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