Evaluation of Energy Conservation Measures for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

This report, published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), aims to encourage the implementation of energy conservation measures (ECMs) at publicly owned wastewater treatment works (POTWs) by providing accurate performance and cost/benefit information. The report’s focus is mainly on energy efficient equipment replacement, operational modifications, and process control enhancements that lead to improved energy efficiency and cost savings with reasonable payback periods (10 years or less). The main audiences for this report are POTW managers, owners, and operators considering the implementation of ECMs and states or other agencies interested in supporting such projects.

The report presents a comprehensive strategy to energy management at wastewater treatment utilities, including a nine step approach to developing an energy management program. Included is a list of available tools and financing resources that can help utilities implement their programs.

There are a number of case studies presented in the report, which were selected on the basis of specific criteria. The criteria included the ability to provide as least one year of full?scale operating and performance data, capability of providing detailed capital, operations, and maintenance cost breakdowns, and the ability to provide the data within the time frame established for completing the document.

The report's chapters focus on the following topics:

  • conventional ECMS and their relation to pumping design, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and motors;
  • the relationship between ECMs and aeration systems and control, including conventional control based on dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements and emerging control strategies;
  • innovative ECMs and Blower and Diffuser Technology for Aeration Systems;
  • emerging ECMs for treatment processes, including UV disinfection and anoxic zone mixing;
  • ECMs for solids processing methods like digestion and thermal drying; and
  • the results of nine case studies of facilities which have employed innovative ECMs.



Publication Date: September 2010

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