Finance Guide for Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge Design Teams

This guide was designed to assist design teams that are part of the Resilient by Design Bay Area ChallengeResilient by Design is a collaborative design challenge for the San Francisco Bay area of California, to develop 10 innovative community-based solutions that will strengthen the region’s resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, flooding and earthquakes. The report describes strategic funding and financing options for developing hazard-ready infrastructure in California, and can be useful for decision makers and designers outside of the Bay area challenge.

The report details funding and financing mechanisms from local and regional public revenue sources, state and local grants, federal grants, and alternative revenue sources for project finance - dedicating a chapter to each. Both traditional as well as alternative or rare funding sources are described for infrastructure development in California, with additional information about the State’s unique constraints and approval requirements. The guide is explicitly detailed in the evaluation of revenue sources and financing within each category. 

Chapter 4: State and Local Grants has a discussion on grants and loans from California State and Bay Area agencies for projects addressing climate change, climate resilience and climate adaptation. Five major state and local grant programs are summarized that “have the most money and typically allocate funds through several agencies.”

Appendix A offers strategies to win competitive state and federal government grant programs - in the form of “Do’s and Don’ts.”

Publication Date: December 1, 2017

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