Green Streets, Green Towns, Green Jobs Grant Initiative

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Chesapeake Bay Trust, in partnership with Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources, announced $727,500 in 2015 grants to be awarded to 15 organizations through the Green Streets, Green Towns, Green Jobs Grant Initiative (G3 Grant Program). The G3 program was piloted in the Chesapeake Bay area in 2011 to encourage local jurisdictions to use “green” techniques when pursuing necessary “gray” infrastructure projects. Its purpose is to improve local, grassroots-level greening efforts by towns and communities in urbanized watersheds that reduce stormwater runoff through the creation of “green streets,” the increase in urban green spaces, and the reduction of impervious surfaces. 

The G3 Grant Program helps support President Obama’s 2009 Executive Order for Protecting and Restoring the Chesapeake Bay. This program is open to local governments, non-profit organizations, and neighborhood/community associations focused on green stormwater management retrofits with grants available up to $20,000 for research efforts, $30,000 for design, and $75,000 for implementation projects.

These collaborative efforts advance watershed protection and economic improvement through the development of stormwater management techniques, green jobs creation, beautification of neighborhoods, and community enhancement. This announcement includes seven projects designed to improve the city of Baltimore specifically, as well as eight other initiatives in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and elsewhere throughout Maryland.

The 2015 Green Streets grant announcements include:

1. Mount Vernon-Belvedere Association, Baltimore, $10,795
2. Friends of the North Fork Shenandoah River, Virginia, $43,615
3. Baltimore Tree Trust, Baltimore, $35,000
4. Second Chance, Inc., Baltimore, $30,000
5. Blue Water Baltimore, Baltimore, $74,826
6. Land and Cultural Preservation, Inc., Frederick, Md., $14,315
7. Community Action Commission, Pennsylvania, $70,000
8. City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, $60,000
9. Old Goucher Community Association, Baltimore, $99,068
10. City of Staunton, Virginia, $75,000
11. American Rivers, Regional, $19,880
12. West/Rhode Riverkeeper, Inc., Edgewater, Md., $30,000
13. Town of Edmonston, Edmonston, Md., $15,000
14. Parks & People Foundation, Baltimore, $75,000
15. Highlandtown Community Association, Baltimore, $75,000

Sarah’s Hope, a homeless shelter and the site for the grant announcement, is one of 15 grant recipients through a partnership with Parks and People Foundation. Their $75,000 grant will tie into a larger Baltimore city-led renovation and expansion project that will reduce the amount of impervious surface on the site; contribute to public open space, playground space, and community garden space; and beautify the street and help change the appearance of the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood.


Publication Date: June 16, 2015

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