Healing Troubled Waters: Preparing Trout and Salmon Habitat for a Changing Climate

Trout Unlimited's report, Healing Troubled Waters, explains how climate change will impact trout and salmon populations and the waters in which they live. Based on research by Trout Unlimited scientists, the report provides recommendations for what can be done to help fish and rivers withstand these changes.

The report summarizes recent scientific studies that show that trout and salmon populations are likely to decline by 50% or more in regions around the country that will be most effected by global warming. Results of these studies reveal even more severe affects for certain populations. For example, the bull trout, found in high-mountain areas of the West, could see as much as a 90% population loss, according to studies by the U.S. Forest Service. Many trout and salmon species will become increasingly vulnerable to extinction.

Though climate change will have a dramatic effect on trout and salmon populations, this report explains measures which can prevent widespread fish declines in rivers and streams around the country, by following a well-developed plan that protects, reconnects and restores habitat at watershed scales. Recommended resources and technical publications are at the end of the report.

Publication Date: October 2007

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  • Jack E. Williams
  • Amy L. Haak
  • Nathaniel G. Gillespie
  • Helen M. Neville
  • Warren T. Colyer

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