ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability: Climate Resilient Communities Program

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability Climate Resilient Communities (CRC) Program is the first comprehensive, national climate adaptation program tailored to local governments. The CRC works with cities, towns, and counties to increase their resilience to climate change impacts, and in the process save money and create safer, healthier communities.

Through CRC local government partners receive:

  • Adaptation Database and Planning Tool (ADAPT): A powerful, online tool that allows users to input data to assess vulnerabilities, choose preparedness goals, and develop and prioritize actions to add to a climate action plan or existing plan.
  • Climate science: Access to the most current data on existing and future regional impacts
  • Technical guidance: Best practices to assess vulnerability and develop and implement a resiliency plan
  • Case studies: Profiles of successful local adaptation efforts
  • Training: Regular webinars and workshops tailored to local government staff
  • Networking: An online forum for local government staff to connect and share

The CRC Program helps local governments choose the most effective strategies for local circumstances, including the following:

  • Encouraging energy efficiency and distributed power generation from multiple renewable sources to reduce potential for grid overload during heat waves, decreasing the likelihood of blackouts
  • Reducing vulnerability to flooding by promoting functional watersheds, including healthy forests and open space
  • Counteracting urban heat island impacts by planting trees to provide shade and cooling
  • Strengthening infrastructure to deal with increased flooding, such as larger bridges and culverts and other stormwater conveyance systems
  • Developing building standards that include greater resistance to high winds and flooding
  • Diversifying water supplies, and promoting conservation actions, such as harvesting rainwater



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