Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals Adaptation Planning Toolkit

Developed by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP), this Toolkit offers resources and templates to support tribes in climate adaptation planning. In an introductory document, ITEP provides an overview of adaptation planning fundamentals including guiding principles, frameworks, assessment basics, and strategy development. The Toolkit includes templates created by ITEP for tribes to develop adaptation guidance, policy resolutions, and an adaptation plan. Primary adaptation resources and tools are summarized and linked in a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet.

The following components are linked on the Toolkit homepage:

  1. Adaptation Planning Background Material [PDF]
  2. Checklist [PDF]
  3. Template: Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Planning Guide [PDF]
  4. Template: Tribal Resolution for a Climate Change Adaptation Initiative [PDF]
  5. Worksheet: Adaptation Planning [PDF]
  6. Spreadsheet: Adaptation Planning [xls]
  7. Template: Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Plan [PDF]
  8. Guides and Tools for Climate Change Adaptation Planning [xlsx]
  9. Example Tribal Climate Change Assessments and Plans [pdf]

The Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Planning Guide Template was designed to serve as a model on which tribal staff and leadership can develop a guide for their tribe’s climate change adaptation planning initiative. Ultimately, the guide will define the goals, process, schedule, participants, responsibilities, and products of the initiative. The adaptation planning steps that are supported in this process include:

Step 1 - Tribal Council approval of Resolution

Step 2 - Develop Climate Change Scenarios

Step 3 - Identify Local Impacts and Vulnerabilities

Step 4 - Develop Adaptation Strategies

Step 5 - Write and Integrate the Adaptation Plan

The Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Plan Template then adopts the information as gathered in these steps of the planning process, and includes a section to discuss plan Implementation. As described by ITEP, the template can be used for a high-level, risk-based strategic climate change adaptation plan addressing multiple sectors, or modified for a plan focusing on just a few key planning areas. The template is intended to help tribal representatives to get started in writing the plan, and will need to be modified to best meet each tribe’s needs.


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