Louisiana Resiliency Assistance Program

In coordination with The Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit (OCD-DRU), the Louisiana Resiliency Assistance Program (LRAP) is designed to collect, develop, house, and disseminate current planning efforts, resources, and local best practices to promote, assist, and build networks around resiliency planning in Louisiana.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provided funding in the form of Community Development Block Grants to create the OCD-DRU. Through a competitive process, the OCD-DRU awarded funding to 30 affected Louisiana communities and projects to develop plans that address resiliency issues and local needs. As part of this competitive process, the OCD-DRU awarded the Louisiana State University’s Coastal Sustainability Studio funds to establish LRAP to support and assist the 30 grantees.

The resiliency planning initiatives for each of the 30 communities are detailed on the LRAP website, focusing on how the community vulnerabilities and strengths have been addressed for each. These plans are the pilot projects around which the LRAP is modeled.

Through an interactive and dynamic website the LRAP will develop a dialogue between community members, professional planners, academics and researchers, and state and local politicians about resiliency planning and the means to achieve it. Webinars and outreach workshops will further develop a dialogue between grantees, neighboring communities, and the planning staff of the CSS.


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