Modeling Bird Distribution Responses to Climate Change: A mapping tool to assist land managers and scientists in California

This site allows users to see current and future maps of bird species distributions, vegetation, or climate variables.  Using sophisticated species distribution modeling techniques, this site presents current and potential futures for bird communities in California based on different climate model outputs. Future bird distributions are based on regional climate model projections for the periods 2038-2070 (IPCC Scenario A2) and 2080-2099 (IPCC Scenario A1B). Models were developed for over 80 California Partners in Flight (CalPIF) focal species, of which 60 non-special-status species are represented in this tool. CalPIF focal species include groups of species representing each of the major habitat types found within California including riparian, oak woodland, scrub, conifer, and grassland habitats.


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  • California Avian Data Center (CADC)


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  • Mapping tool

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  • Air temperature
  • Precipitation changes

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