My Strong Home - Home Risk Mitigation Loans

MyStrongHome is a public-benefit corporation which aims to help homes and communities in coastal areas in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana to be better protected from extreme weather by financing and managing home upgrades, especially new storm-ready roofs, to meet resilient building standards. By providing an “end-to-end” solution, from assessment and financing through construction and insurance, MyStrongHome makes home risk mitigation, and climate change resilience, more accessible to homeowners. 

MyStrongHome offers unsecured loans to homeowners to finance construction costs of home improvements to meet FORTIFIED standards - which are stronger construction standards intended to improve building resilience to severe weather, developed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. The program also supports homeowners by selecting certified contractors, managing construction, and helps to arrange new home insurance that offers discounts for FORTIFIED improvements. Rather than paying for the construction costs upfront, homeowners pay back the construction loan with the money saved on insurance. 

A number of case studies of the installation of MyStrongHome fortified roofs can be found on the How it Works - “In Action” section of the website.



Publication Date: 2017

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