New Jersey Energy Resilience Bank Grant and Loan Financing Program Guide

Created using $200 million of Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the New Jersey Energy Resilience Bank (ERB) provides funding for new or retrofitted distributed energy resources (DER) technologies that allow facilities to continue to operate at critical load in the event of losing power because of extreme weather. This holistic approach to enhancing energy infrastructure resiliency in New Jersey was established following Superstorm Sandy. 

The first two sections of the ERB financing guide give an introduction of the ERB and detail the impacts of and response to Hurricane Sandy, including the creation of the ERB. Section three overviews DER technologies, including combined heat and power systems, fuel cells, and solar PV systems.

Section four of the guide details ERB eligibility requirements. Public facilities, nonprofit entities, for-profit small businesses, and privately owned utilities can apply for ERB funding, though the latter two are subject to HUD alternative requirements. The section also includes information on which types of facilities and specific project costs are eligible for funding. Projects are only eligible for funding if they have a direct or indirect tie to Hurricane Sandy or a national disaster listed in Appendix A of the funding guide.

The final section of the guide describes the application process for ERB funds, including initial and final applications, funding determination, and project reporting requirements.

Publication Date: October 14, 2014

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