New Jersey Resiliency Network

In February 2014, Sustainable Jersey launched the New Jersey Resiliency Network, a program that helps communities access technical and financial resources to address long-term recovery and resiliency issues for post-Sandy municipalities in New Jersey. The Network was formed in response to heavily-impacted towns requesting hands-on guidance and support for recovery and resiliency.

With funding from the New Jersey Recovery Fund and the Surdna Foundation, the NJ Resiliency Network is a stand-alone program that builds on Sustainable Jersey’s strengths for vetting and providing resources and guidance to New Jersey municipalities. The resources are provided by the Network’s partners including government, private, non-profit and academic organizations.

The Network's "Resiliency Managers" are charged with assisting municipalities in matching their needs to the appropriate resources.  Based on community needs, the managers may provide direct assistance with small, targeted projects, or, connect the community with a resource provider that can provide the desired services.

A Network Advisory Board will respond to real time, on-the-ground community issues and give recommendations for new research, tools and programs. The Board will monitor the progress of community recovery through community forums and idea exchanges, where local officials and other stakeholders can present their issues and concerns. The Advisory Board will have the knowledge and expertise to generate best practices for recovery and resiliency in the form of new local, state and national policies and practices.

A central database of financial and technical resources for New Jersey communities is available on the Network’s website:

The Network’s coalition of partners and resources includes the New Jersey League of Municipalities, New Jersey Future, Rutgers University, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 


Publication Date: February 2014

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