PG&E Better Together Resilient Communities Grant Program

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) PG&E is offering a $1 million Better Together Resilient Communities grant program to help California communities better prepare for, withstand, and recover from extreme weather events and other risks related to climate change. PG&E will invest $1 million over five years – or $200,000 per year – in shareholder-funded grants. In 2018, PG&E has requested grant proposals that will help communities prepare for increased frequency and severity of extreme heat events. Eligible projects include research, planning or demonstration projects that better prepare communities for a future with more extreme heat events. 

This resource was featured in the May 4, 2017, ASAP Newsletter.

"In an effort to promote local resilience to climate change, PG&E is investing $2 million over five years through the Better Together Resilient Communities grant program to support local climate resilience initiatives. This year's theme is extreme heat, and PG&E will be giving out four awards at $100,000 each this year. Deadline for applications is May 11. Find out more information and apply here."

In 2017, PG&E awarded $100,000 each to the University of California, Merced, and the Karuk Tribe of California for projects designed to help communities prevent and prepare for increasing wildfire risk through building healthy and resilient forests and watersheds.

To be eligible, applicants must be a governmental organization, educational institution or 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All applicants must include a local government within PG&E's service area (northern and central California) as a partner.

Grant proposals are assessed according to the following criteria:

Partnerships: the extent to which the proposal reflects a collaborative effort among multiple organizations

Replicability: the extent to which the proposal identifies how others can learn from and adopt the resulting strategies and solutions

Assistance to disadvantaged communities: the extent to which the proposal addresses the identified needs of frontline communities

Measurable impact: the extent to which the proposal includes practical, measurable and innovative ways to address community needs and climate risks


Publication Date: March 1, 2018

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  • March 17, 2017
    Kimberly Hill Knott, President/CEO at Future Insight Consulting, LLC

    It is great to see companies invest in the communities they reside in. This grant is so unique because although utility companies may provide grants for a variety of issue areas, rarely are they specifically targeted towards environmental causes. This grant is also significant because often times utility companies cause environmental degradation to the community (people and plant) and readily fight any form of strong regulations. I would like to see other utility companies follow this same model. I certainly plan to take this concept to my local utility company-DTE Energy. Also, it would be great if PG&E would be willing to advise other utility companies on how to establish this type of grant program. However, utility companies MUST know that providing funding to the community is by NO MEANS a licence or pass to keep polluting, in fact readily embracing the triple-bottom-line is something that ALL companies should be doing. Great job PG&E!!