PRECIS Regional Climate Modeling System

PRECIS stands for "Providing Regional Climates for Impacts Studies". This regional climate modeling (RCM) system was developed at the Hadley Centre at the UK Met Office, and is designed to run on a PC under Linux. PRECIS (pronounced PRAY-sea) helps generate high-resolution climate change information for as many regions of the world as possible, in order to support the generation of climate change scenarios for scientific and planning needs, such as impact and vulnerability assessments.

RCMs can resolve features down to 50km or less. This makes for a more accurate representation of many surface features, such as complex mountain topographies and coastlines. It also allows small islands and peninsulas to be represented realistically, whereas in a global model their size (relative to the model grid box) would mean their climate would be that of the surrounding ocean.

The PRECIS program is supplied to institutions free of charge when they sign up for PRECIS training workshops.

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