The Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation TooL (CCORAL)

Developed by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, CCORAL is a Caribbean specific web-based decision support platform that can be used by communities and organizations to understand climate impacts and to identify options for enhancing climate resilience. CCORAL aimed helping decision-makers in the Caribbean to integrate climate change considerations into their processes across all sectors, such as planning, programming, and budgeting. CCORAL is designed for users of all skill levels, with resources provided for climate experts and non-experts.

The latest version of CCORAL has been developed with government users (of any skill level) in mind, particularly those involved in national development planning and finance. Specific guidance is provided for the following types of activity:

• Legislation

• National planning

• Strategy and/or policy

• Programme and/or project

• Budget preparation/ evaluation

The CCORAL process first provides high level guidance on how and why climate variability and climate change might be relevant to an activity and/or your general decision making process. It also explores how climate impacts can be managed.

CCORAL further supports the following activities:

- Rapidly assess if activities (e.g. project, plan, policy) are climate-influenced and a priority for further assessment using CCORAL.

- Understand how climate may influence the activity or decision making process, and how impacts can be managed (guidance available for legislation, strategy, policy, planning, programmes, projects and budgets.)

- Apply a climate risk management process.


Additionally, a CCORAL Toolbox is available - containing over 70 Caribbean focused climate-related resources - including: vulnerability assessments, risk assessments, plans, adaptation option identification/ appraisal (including financial and economic appraisal), monitoring and evaluation, and engagement tools.


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