The Resilience and Adaptation in New England (RAINE) Database

The Resilience and Adaptation in New England (RAINE) database catalogs vulnerability, resilience, and adaptation plans, along with other reports, and web pages. RAINE provides information about these actions at the state, regional, watershed, and local level in New England. It not only includes links to web pages, reports, and plans, but also examples of presentations that communities use to engage their citizens, what tools they used to identify their vulnerabilities, and who funded their projects.

The results from RAINE include:

  • Quick maps
  • Graphs of top ten topics, impacts, partners, tools and funding that are found in the database
  • Lists of states, municipalities, organizations or waters that meet your search criteria, these can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet
  • Links to the products or plans
  • Reports for each state, municipality, organization or water body of interest and detailed reports with information about a specific document or product
  • Spotlights that highlight unique adaptation and resilience efforts

Communities can use the RAINE database to share what they have done and learn from others. They can find examples of products and plans and read about what neighboring communities are doing to be resilient and adapt for climate change. Users can explore resources using a variety of filters including state, population size, and focus topics. 

Planning agencies can identify where work has been conducted and where gaps may exist. The database can be used to target vulnerable areas that have yet to plan for climate change.


If you have any trouble accessing the website link above, please find here an archived page. You may find this has limited use. 

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