White House Climate Education and Literacy Initiative

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy launched a Climate Education and Literacy Initiative in December 2014 to help connect American students and citizens with the best-available, science-based information about climate change. The Initiative is designed to increase student learning opportunities; equip educators with science-based information and resources; enhance climate-related professional development and training; and engage citizens through place-based and informal climate education.

The initiative includes a number of new commitments by Federal agencies and outside organizations to develop and deploy innovative climate education approaches aimed at educating and engaging students and citizens of all ages. Examples of these commitments include:

  • Equipping National Park Service employees with climate-relevant resources by developing a National Climate Change Interpretive Plan;
  • A new Federal program to train senior government executives as climate leaders;
  • A new training program by the American Meteorological Society and partners to train faculty from Minority Serving Institutions to introduce climate science courses onto their campuses; and
  • A series of NOAA sponsored regional climate-science workshops for educators on strategies for teaching climate change. 

In addition, the initiative is launching a competition for games that incorporate climate education, with the most innovative games to likely be made available for use in classrooms around the country. The Department of Energy also released four videos - and is planning to release three more next year - as education tools to teach students about energy.



Publication Date: December 3, 2014

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