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Guide to Equitable, Community-Driven Climate Preparedness Planning

May 2017

From the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN), this guide is aimed at local government and outlines a framework for designing and implementing a community-driven, equitable climate preparedness planning process. Community-driven planning empowers those experiencing the greatest climate risks to co-define the solutions. Rather than treating equity as a component of climate preparedness planning, this guide suggests that equity should be at the center of any adaptation approach. It outlines why traditional planning falls short of supporting equity, describes why climate change vulnerability is not evenly spread, and identifies how typical adaptation strategies can be reframed to focus on equity. Throughout the document, examples from cities are presented to showcase real-world applications.

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Related Organizations: Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN)

Authors or Affiliated Users: Tina Yuen, Eric Yurkovich, Beth Altshuler, Lauren Grabowski

Resource Category: Planning


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