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Elena Mihaly

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Climate Adaptation and Liability: A Legal Primer and Workshop Summary Report

January 31, 2018

The Conservation Law Foundation addresses the legal liability risks of decision makers if they fail to prepare for climate change impacts to infrastructure in this report. Theories of legal liability are described for design professionals (such as engineers and architects) or government entities (like a city or a water reclamation district) as related to climate adaptation and resilience of buildings, roads, and other critical infrastructure. The report was produced from workshops that took place in Boston and has many references to specific laws and regulations in Massachusetts.

Related Organizations: Boston Green Ribbon Commission

Authors or Affiliated Users: Elena Mihaly, Deanna Moran

Resource Category: Law and Governance


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Avoiding Septic Shock: How Climate Change can cause Septic System Failure and Whether New England States are Prepared

February 2017

This white paper discusses climate change impacts on septic systems in New England, and whether states in the region are prepared for these impacts. The paper provides a state-by-state analysis of septic system regulations in New England and discusses how these regulatory frameworks are not fully considering climate change impacts, especially groundwater table rise. It also identifies challenges in septic system regulation, and suggests recommendations and best practices for how states and municipalities can work to change laws, amend rules, or adopt new policies or incentives to better construct, manage, and regulate septic systems to be resilient to climate change.

Author or Affiliated User: Elena Mihaly

Resource Category: Assessments


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