Joyce E. Coffee, LEED AP

Joyce E. Coffee, LEED AP

President at Climate Resilience Consulting

100RC Resilience Advisory Council

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How State Governments Can Help Communities Invest in Climate Resilience

September 2020

In 2020, the Innovation Network for Communities, Climate Resilience Consulting, and The Summit Foundation released a report, How State Governments Can Help Communities Invest in Climate Resilience. The report presents recommendations for how states can better support climate resilience efforts at the local level. The report includes a framework for how states are already adapting to climate change (e. g. , governance structures, state plans), outlines six key recommendations for developing a state-local resilience financial system, and offers a state assessment checklist to help states implement those recommendations.

Related Organizations: Innovation Network for Communities

Authors or Affiliated Users: Joyce E. Coffee, LEED AP, Peter Plastrik

Resource Category: Planning


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Rising to the Challenge Together

December 2017

This report presents an assessment of the state of the climate adaptation field and offers recommendations for enhancing adaptation practice to meet the climate challenges facing states and communities. The report explores what a "strong mature adaptation field" would look like and what would be needed to build it.

Related Organizations: The Kresge Foundation

Authors or Affiliated Users: Susanne C. Moser, Joyce E. Coffee, LEED AP

Resource Category: Solutions


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