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Kara Reeve

Governance and Urban Resilience Specialist at RTI International

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NWF Green Works for Climate Resilience: A Guide to Community Planning for Climate Change

April 2014

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Green Works guide is a primer on nature-based approaches that communities can use to respond and prepare for the impacts of climate change. The report highlights some common examples of nature-based adaptation, green projects that communities have implemented, and strategies that communities can use to apply nature-based approaches.

Related Organizations: National Wildlife Federation

Authors or Affiliated Users: Kara Reeve, Ryan Kingston

Resource Category: Solutions


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Growing Greener: Eco-Structure for Climate Resilience

May 2013

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) partnered with King County, Washington, to help develop the Urban and Community Forestry Climate Preparedness and Response (CPR) tool. Using this online tool, landowners can view their own property using Geographic Information System (GIS), which then quantifies and explains existing land and forest characteristics (e. g. , total forest carbon stored at a particular site). NWF produced this guide designed to help local governments, organizations, and others replicate the CPR website and tool for their own communities, while also learning about the ways in which green infrastructure can provide natural protection from the impacts of climate change.

Related Organizations: King County, Washington, National Wildlife Federation

Author or Affiliated User: Kara Reeve

Resource Category: Planning


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