Rebecca Herst

Rebecca Herst

Director, Sustainable Solutions Lab at University of Massachusetts, Boston

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Governance for a Changing Climate: Adapting Boston's Built Environment for Increased flooding

September 2018

The Sustainable Solutions Lab at the University of Massachusetts Boston examines the impacts of flooding from sea level rise and increased precipitation on the City of Boston’s built environment in this report. Along with discussing the governance challenges as related to to these climate change impacts, the report offers policy recommendations and governance strategies to improve resilience to increased flooding. The report is built upon the Climate Ready Boston (CRB) project, and offers recommendations on the implementation of its initiatives as well as policy reform to further flooding adaptation.

Related Organizations: University of Massachusetts

Authors or Affiliated Users: Stephanie Kruel, Rebecca Herst

Resource Category: Law and Governance


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Financing Climate Resilience: Mobilizing Resources and Incentives to Protect Boston from Climate Risks

April 2018

Financing Climate Resilience was developed by the University of Massachusetts Sustainable Solutions Lab to help the City of Boston identify proactive strategies for financing investments in flood protection and other climate-related risks. The report details the scale of the climate resilience investments needed to reduce climate risks in Boston, estimating that between $1 and $2. 4 billion in investment will be needed in the medium-term to protect the City from climate change impacts. The report examines a range of financing mechanisms that the City could use including bonds, taxes, resilience fees (e.

Related Organizations: University of Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Green Ribbon Commission

Authors or Affiliated Users: David Levy, Rebecca Herst

Resource Category: Funding


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