A Climate Action Plan for Maine 2004

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection wrote the Climate Action Plan to meet the requirements of a state law passed in 2003 (PL 237). This was a first step by Maine towards meeting emissions reductions targets they committed to as part of a resolution by New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers. The plan concludes with fifty-four recommended actions required to ensure legislative targets are met. While the Climate Action Plan is focused on mitigation, many of the potential options for reducing emissions related to agriculture and forestry offer some adaptive co-benefits.

Potential forest-related actions involve incorporating best forest management practices in offsetting requirements, protecting forest land, and adoption of best management practices for forests. Protection of the state’s soils and agricultural lands are also included in the report. While aimed at mitigation, these actions would offer adaptive co-benefits by protecting habitat, fostering food security, and maintaining ecological services and open space. These actions, and all those presented in the plan, were ranked by estimated potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and formed through consultation with a Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Publication Date: December 1, 2004

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