Action Plan to Respond to Climate Change in Kentucky: A Strategy of Resilience (KY Wildlife Action Plan)

This climate change chapter of Kentucky's Wildlife Action Plan is meant to be a stand-alone first step towards planning for and mitigating against negative impacts of climate change on the state's wildlife species and habitats.

After detailing the historic climate of Kentucky, the report provides an overview of current climate change models, and climate predictions for future temperature and precipitation variation in the state.  The potential impacts to the 'Habitats of Greatest Conservation Need' are described, listing conservation threats from climate change to specific habitat guilds. The potential impacts on the 'Species of Greatest Conservation Need' are also detailed and categorized by effects on fish and lamprey, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, freshwater mussels, and crayfish. 

The "Strategy of Resilience" provided supports the main goal of this report - to outline actions designed to enhance ecosystem resilience to climate change. This action plan provides a strategy to restore and maintain habitats and populations of conservation concern, increase the ability of populations to adapt to climate change-driven stressors, and reduce known stressors such as habitat fragmentation, habitat loss, invasive species, and disease threats.


Publication Date: 2010

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  • Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources


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  • Adaptation plan

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