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Adapt Alaska is a website which hosts information about climate impacts in Alaska, a set of steps for policymakers and planners to create monitoring, mitigation, and adaptation solutions, and various resources and case studies designed to guide the user in developing and funding their own adaptation projects. The website emerged from a collaborative research project—Promoting Coastal Resilience in Arctic Alaska— which included workshops and outreach efforts, during which coastal community resilience workshop participants identified issues they faced from rapidly changing environmental and climate conditions. This learning and planning tool provides both background information about the impacts of climate change on Alaska and resources to adapt to this change, while incorporating considerations of cultural values into strategies. 

On the website users can navigate between four main tabs, where they can explore the impacts of climate changes on Alaska, learn about making climate adaptation plans, access general resources and case studies, and access resources specifically for Educators:

In the “Explore Changes” tab, users can read about the changes to Alaskan subsistence, life, and culture, coasts and inland, ocean, and ice. Included in the overview of these changes are several educational posters available for download. This tab additionally provides a brief description of the uncertainties in the climate projections and the implications of these uncertainties for scenario planning. 

Under the “Make a Plan” section, there are 4 suggested steps provided for users to follow in developing a climate adaptation plan: 

  1. start the conversation, 
  2. assess vulnerability,
  3. monitor and evaluate, and 
  4. reduce your risk

Each step includes a list of resources and users can download five example adaptation plans with specific focuses on subsistence, culture, infrastructure, or community health. 

Resources specific to Educators can be found in the “For Educators” tab, which includes an Educator Resources Database - a table of resources related to resilience, climate change adaptation, and mitigation of coastal hazards, as well as a list of Resources for Coastal Hazard Education - with resources for changing weather patterns, coastal erosion, algal blooms, marine debris, and ocean acidification. For easy access, the “Resources & Case Studies” subtab hosts all the resources and case studies mentioned within the website. 

The material within the website places an emphasis on indigenous cultural values and the importance of traditional wisdom. For example, the Oscarville Tribal Climate Adaptation Plan is highlighted for those seeking adaptation examples. Changes brought on by shifts in climate, such as the decreasing walrus population, are not just quantified via their economic impacts but also by their cultural impacts. Adapt Alaska takes equity into consideration through this incorporation of different cultural values. 

This website was the result of several coastal community research workshops, which were funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on behalf of the Western Alaska Landscape
Conservation Cooperative (LCC), North Pacific LCC, Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands LCC, Alaska Sea Grant, and Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association using a resilience grant from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Publication Date: 2017

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