Adaptation and National Security Webinar Series

From the Security and Sustainability Forum, the 'Adaptations to Protect Security in a Changing Climate Series' is a five part webinar series, each a 90-minute live session featuring a panel of experts. The first session, 'Adaptation and Security in a Changing Climate', sets the stage with a discussion of how climate-impacts are determined and what types of adaptations must be incorporated into planning at the national, regional, and local levels. The series continues with Session 2: Food and Water Adaptations to Protect Security in a Changing Climate; Session 3: Infrastructure Adaptations in a Changing Climate; Session 4: Public Health Adaptations; and Session 5: Economic Vitality in a Changing Climate. 

The Security and Sustainability Forum (see separate entry in this clearinghouse) provides free access to video archives on their website, featuring panels of global experts addressing critical environmental issues impacting society.


Publication Date: November 2011


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