Advancing the Science of Climate Change

Part of the America's Climate Choices suite of studies requested by Congress, this report examines the status of the nation's climate change research efforts and recommends steps to improve and expand current understanding. The report reviews the scientific community's understanding of climate change and its interactions with human and natural systems in 12 areas of interest to decision makers. It identifies advances needed to improve the effectiveness of actions taken to respond to climate change, including actions to limit its magnitude and adapt to its impacts, as well as understanding the causes, mechanisms, and consequences of climate change.

Produced at the request of Congress, the America’s Climate Choices series of reports provides authoritative analyses to inform and guide responses to climate change across the nation. The reports were produced by committees of experts convened by the National Research Council, and their findings were peer reviewed. The series includes four focused panel reports, including: Advancing the Science of Climate Change; Limiting the Magnitude of Climate Change; Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change; and Informing an Effective Response to Climate Change.

Publication Date: 2010

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