AgroClimate (SECC)

AgroClimate is an interactive website developed by the Southeast Climate Consortium (SECC) for use by farmers, ranchers, foresters, water resource managers, and those who advise them. The site uses crop simulation models and historic and forecast climate data to allow decision makers to compare changes in probable outcomes under different climate conditions.

The website provides relevant climate forecast information and response options at the county, state, and regional levels, including: 1) background climate information and a climate tool that allows decision makers to compare climate variability under different ENSO conditions; 2) crop information and tools for peanut, tomato, and potato farmers; 3) forest management and wildfire risk assessment; and 4) links to other sources of related information.

As the site is still under development, AgroClimate expects to include additional resources for decision makers, including: 1) tools for assessing management options for additional crops, pastures, and livestock important to the agricultural economy of the southeastern U.S.; 2) a tool to help decision makers assess the value of irrigation water; 3) a tool to help decision makers assess the value of crop insurance; and 4) a county-level database that links historic agricultural production data with climate so that decision makers can assess the effects of past climate variability on agricultural commodities.

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