Alaska HCR 30: Created the Alaska Climate Impact Commission (2006)

In May 2006, the Alaska Legislature adopted House Concurrent Resolution 30, creating an Alaska Climate Impact Commission. The Commission was charged with assessing the impacts and costs of climate change to Alaska and developing recommendations for preventative measures potentially implemented by Alaskan communities and governments. The eleven-member commission released its final report in March 2008. 

The duties of the commission as prescribed by the Resolution included the following:                                      

(1)  assess the current and potential effects of climate warming trends on the citizens, natural resources, public health, and economy of the state, in particular the adverse effects on natural resource development, forest safety, fish and game utilization, transportation, community, and resource development infrastructures;                                                   

(2)  estimate costs to the state and its citizens of adverse effects associated with climate charge;                                                                                                        

(3)  identify specific circumstances of flooding and erosion that have affected life, property, and economic and resource development in the state;                                                    

(4)  examine alternative measures to prevent and mitigate the effects of flooding and erosion;                                                                                                  

(5)  develop policies to guide infrastructure investments in Alaska villages, cities, and boroughs that are most affected by flooding and erosion;   

(6)  recommend land use regulations, including area standards for designation of land prone to flooding and erosion;                                                                                 

(7)  investigate and assess issues involving permafrost and damage caused by permafrost;                                                                                                            

(8)  recommend policies to decrease the negative effects of climate change; and to                         

(9)  identify and coordinate efforts of mutual concern with federal, state, and local agencies.



The commission was originally required to deliver a preliminary report of its findings to the legislature on March 1, 2007, and to make a final report to the legislature on January 10, 2008, together with legislative proposals for consideration.  




Publication Date: May 2006

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