Alaska Order 289: Climate Change Strategy, Climate Action Leadership Team

Alaska Governor Bill Walker issued an administrative order establishing an Alaska Climate Change Strategy, and a Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team to advise on adaptation, mitigation, and other actions to help safeguard Alaska from climate impacts. The order aims to build on previous efforts and recommendations of the state relating to climate policy.

The Climate Change Strategy includes the development of the Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team which will be responsible for identifying appropriate climate change priorities, goals, and metrics, and to recommend any needed statutory or regulatory changes. The Leadership Team must develop an initial action plan including any recommendations for statutory or regulatory changes, by September 1, 2018. Thereafter the team will monitor implementation of the plan and be responsible for updating it as needed and reporting annually to the Governor.

In its work, the Leadership Team will address several themes relating to climate change, including renewable energy and efficiency; health; risk communication and planning; community engagement and resilience; infrastructure; economic opportunity; among others.

As described in the Order, the Alaska Climate Change Strategy should "encourage community input and collaborate with local and regional governments, indigenous organizations, private sector entities, nonprofit organizations, and educational and academic institutions. Climate solutions should provide equitable support to communities impacted most by climate change."


The Order attempts to strike a balance between the need for strong action to transition to renewable energy and reduce risks from the impacts of climate change, and the reality of the state’s reliance on non-renewable resources for its economy.

The Order recognizes the state’s role in working with partners to support the goals of the Paris Agreement, and it recognizes that improving resilience and reducing risk requires a long-term vision that “incorporates long-term climate goals.” However, the order also notes that solutions must “recognize[] the need for non-renewable resources to meet current economic and energy requirements during a transition to a renewable energy based future.” 


Publication Date: October 31, 2017

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