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The Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association offers a website focused on climate impacts, adaptation and resilience. The site links to many issue briefs which demonstrate detailed climate adaptation and mitigation strategies for local governments in Washington State. 

The Social Equity brief outlines equitable adaptation considerations for Washington state and provides examples of equity policies the state is pursuing. This document defines social equity as "the fair, just and equitable management of all institutions serving the public directly or by contract, and the fair, just and equitable distribution of public services, and implementation of public policy, and the commitment to promote fairness, justice, and equity in the formation of public policy" (p.1).

The brief looks at five issue areas that they believe are essential for equitable adaptation: (1) food access; (2) mobility and accessibility; (3) environmental hazards; (4) affordable, adaptable and energy-efficient housing; and (5) climate-related migration. For each, the report outlines strategies and provides examples of related projects that provide models for future planning efforts. For example, under mobility, the brief suggests promoting innovative transportation for different population groups and includes an example of a program in Palm Beach that uses golf carts in retirement areas.

The “Resilient Washington Discussion Briefs” present a comprehensive review of climate change strategies for local governments in three categories:

Part 1: Planning Approaches for Resilience - contains reports on how to prepare vulnerability assessments, and to integrate climate into disaster planning. 

Part 2: Strategies for Planning Resilient Communities - reviews response options for climate impacts on ecosystem health and services, green building, social equity, public health, and food.

Part 3: Preparing for Climate-Related Events - focuses on strategies related to disaster preparedness, emergency management, and the climate impacts of wildfire, flooding and sea level rise. 

A short video “Adaptive Planning for Climate Resilience” provides an overview of climate change and highlights actions being taken by 3 communities in Washington.






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