Bounce Forward – Urban Resilience in an Era of Climate Change

Island Press launched the Urban Resilience Project in 2013, with support from The Kresge Foundation. An output of the project, this report proposes a framework for planning and taking action on urban resilience - drawing on a literature review and a series of consultations of organizers, researchers, planners, and others actively involved.

In detailing the approach to this framework on urban resilience planning, the report states that true resilience begins with a searching inventory of the systems that comprise cities, and of their capacity to meet human needs sustainably and equitably. To that end, those who work to build resilience must first ask what is being made resilient, to what, and for whom. They must analyze the systems that supply a community’s needs and reflect its values to determine their resilience in the face of expected and unknown changes. And they must act by protecting, restoring, adapting - and, if necessary, transforming - the systems on which they depend. These concepts are outlined under the framework steps - Ask, Analyze, and Act. 

This resource was featured in the May 22, 2015, ASAP Newsletter.

"This strategy paper produced by Island Press and The Kresge Foundation assesses the concept of urban resilience in the face of climate change, examining what’s already known and what remains to be explored. The paper is based on a survey of existing literature and the thinking of organizers, researchers, planners and other urban change agents – many of whom are ASAP members. As ASAP members, you probably have already been thinking about this, but the paper is a nice compilation of the current thinking of cities and climate resilience."

Through research and consultations conducted for this project, Island Press has identified further opportunities to shape thinking and practice on urban resilience, and have outlined these key opportunities and recommended actions in this report. Some of these will be implemented by the Island Press Urban Resilience Project; others may be undertaken by partners in academia, philanthropy, nonprofits, and government.

The Island Press Urban Resilience Project and its partners will:

  • Broaden and deepen knowledge about urban resilience
  • Develop planning and management tools (including case studies, transitions from theory to practice, tools for community engagement, teaching and learning materials, tools for assessment and action)
  • Generate data and indicators
  • Deliver ideas through diverse content and media

Based on the findings and recommendations summarized in this report, Island Press will work - with input and support from The Kresge Foundation - to implement an urban resilience information development and communication strategy. This next Implementation phase is planned through December 2017.



Publication Date: May 2015

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