Bureau of Reclamation Drought Response Program

The Bureau of Reclamation's Drought Response Program provides assistance to water users for drought contingency planning, including for the consideration of climate change information and for taking actions that will build long-term resiliency to drought.

Program areas include: Contingency Planning; Resiliency Projects; and Emergency Response Actions. 

Reclamation will provide financial assistance on a competitive basis for applicants to develop a drought contingency plan or to update an existing plan to meet the required elements described in the Drought Response Framework.

For Drought Resiliency Projects, Reclamation will fund projects that will help communities prepare for and respond to drought. Projects must meet one of the following goals:

• Increase the reliability of water supply and sustainability

• Improve water management and increase operational flexibility

• Implement systems to facilitate voluntary sale, transfer or exchange of water

• Provide benefits for fish and wildlife and the environment

• Mitigate poor water quality caused by drought


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Publication Date: 2016

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