California AB 2722: Transformative Climate Communities Program

California AB 2722 creates the Transformative Climate Communities Program, and requires the CA Strategic Growth Council to award competitive grants to specified eligible entities for the development of “transformative” climate community plans. Priority is to be given to projects that implement the community plans, improve air and water quality, contribute to the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases and demonstrate potential climate, economic, workforce, health, and environmental benefits in disadvantaged communities. This program will help cities, local jurisdictions, and communities accelerate climate justice and sustainability planning, and help California meet its climate change goals.

The statewide program will advance large-scale, comprehensive investments in California’s most vulnerable communities. Under this new program, $250 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will be awarded as grants to develop and implement neighborhood-level Transformative Climate Communities Plans that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. AB 2722 grants will be awarded to local community development groups and local agencies that can demonstrate a partnership with a community based organizations. 

The Program is designed to forge community-led visions and solutions for sustainable, climate resilient neighborhoods. The law does not dictate which approach to take but will allow cities, local jurisdictions, and communities to accelerate sustainability by proposing and developing their own plans and strategies, be they for more trees, more solar, or better transit.

The Strategic Growth Council will fund technical assistance providers to assist in application development, and project development and implementation.


Publication Date: September 14, 2016

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