California SB 1000 -  Land use: general plans: safety and environmental justice

Senate Bill 1000 requires cities and counties of California to include an Environmental Justice element in their General Plans. The intent of the bill is to ensure that local governments proactively plan for and address environmental justice when developing their long-term goals, policies, and objectives for land use and any future growth. With this legislation, all cities and counties need to identify their “disadvantaged communities” and develop strategies to mitigate and reduce environment-related health risks. Local governments are directed to incorporate SB 1000 into their general plan the next time they update two or more general plan elements on or after January 1, 2018. 

SB 1000 amends California SB 379: Land use; general plan; safety element; climate adaptation from October 2015, which required all cities and counties to include climate adaptation and resiliency strategies in the safety elements of their general plans upon the next revision beginning January 1, 2017.

SB 1000 has four basic requirements, whether those requirements are combined into a single environmental justice element or distributed throughout other existing elements, including:

  • identifying disadvantaged communities,
  • incorporating policies to reduce the environmental health impacts that adversely affect residents in disadvantaged communities,
  • incorporating policies to include residents of disadvantaged communities in decision-making processes, and
  • incorporating policies that prioritize improvements and projects in disadvantaged communities.


In 2003, the updated edition of California’s General Plan Guidelines first recommended that local governments integrate environmental justice into their General Plans.  Since then, two cities in California have adopted Environmental Justice Elements: Jurupa Valley and National City.





Publication Date: September 24, 2016

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