Catalog of Adaptation Techniques for Coastal and Waterfront Businesses: Options to Help Heal with the Impacts of Storms and Sea Level Rise

The Rhode Island Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach SAMP) is a partnership between state agencies and the University of Rhode Island to prepare for climate change in coastal communities. Developed by the Beach SAMP team, this catalog provides guidance to business owners to understand exposure to climate change and safeguard buildings from damage. Tips range from reinforcing roofs and raising utility structures, to installing flood gates and utilizing green infrastructure for stormwater management. Photos contained within the catalog may aid property owners and businesses to pinpoint and address specific structural vulnerabilities ahead of an extreme weather event.

For each potential area of vulnerability, the guide provides information on how to evaluate various risk factors and provides steps for addressing those risks. For example, in the section on roofs, it includes images of indicators that a roof may fail (loose edge, water pooling, etc.), provides details on what to do to replace a roof, and advice on how to retrofit without re-roofing.

The catalog also contains links to videos and/or resources detailing how to:

  • Strengthen roof-to-wall connections
  • Retrofit an overhang
  • Raise an electrical system component
  • Install backflow valves
  • Develop a business continuity plan

Publication Date: May 2015

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