City of Biloxi, Mississippi's 2009 Comprehensive Plan

In 2009, the City of Biloxi, Mississippi, updated its 2020 Comprehensive Plan to reflect a new vision of Biloxi as a “prosperous, resilient city for the 21st century.” Hurricane Katrina highlighted the city’s land use vulnerabilities and development challenges. In the land-use chapter (ch. 3) the plan discusses potential impacts from climate change, including an anticipated rise in sea levels of between 2 to 4 feet, increasingly intense storms, and more heavy downpour events.  Further, the plan identifies sea-level rise and warming ocean temperatures as a threat to wetlands, aquatic ecosystems, and indigenous tree cover.

Proposed adaptation and resiliency strategies include:

  • Enact conservation cluster subdivisions, which enable residential development on smaller lots than permitted by base zoning, in exchange for setting aside a significant portion of land as permanent open space.
  • Revise the zoning code to implement construction requirements that maximize flood resistance.
  • Conserving wetlands, floodplain, and tree cover to manage flood risks and stormwater, improve water quality, to increase habitat, provide recreational open space, and reduce impacts from future sea-level rise and increasingly severe storms. 
  • Create larger buffers around waterbodies and wetlands for water storage purposes.
  • Maintain flood-prone areas as public open space.
  • Direct new housing development out of flood-prone areas.

Publication Date: December 2009

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