City of Chicago Tax Increment Financing and Green Roof Improvement Fund

Chicago, Illinois, has successfully used tax increment financing (TIF) to fund public infrastructure and development projects. The city has established more than 120 TIF districts, and has leveraged its public investment to attract over $6 billion in private capital investment in TIF districts over two decades of development. 

Revenue from Chicago's Central Loop TIF District has been used to fund the city's Green Roof Improvement Fund, which incentivizes and provides partial reimbursement to commerical buildings that install green roofs to manage stormwater. The Fund provides a 50% grant match for the cost of placing a green roof on an existing building located in the TIF District up to a maximum grant amount of $100,000 per project.  

Detailed data on the Lawrence/Pulaski RPA was compiled to meet reporting requirements under the TIF Act and is presented in the linked Ten Year Status Report. The report contains various data from City of Chicago departments, including audited financial statements, Redevelopment Agreements, Intergovernmental Agreements, capital improvement expenditures, and TIF-funded program databases (Small Business Improvement Fund, Neighborhood Improvement Program, and TIFWorks) to track financial and programmatic performance.

Publication Date: February 2002

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