City of Chula Vista, California Water Stewardship Plan

Chula Vista’s Water Stewardship Plan recommends strategies for sustaining the city's water supply, through water efficiency, recycling and diversification methods such as green infrastructure - while facing a growing population and increasing impacts of drought and climate change. Chula Vista is preparing for water scarcity as an extension of existing sustainability and climate adaptation efforts, recognizing the interdependence between climate change, energy, and water management. The plan assesses current water use in Chula Vista and the city’s previous water stewardship policies and initiatives. It also establishes a guiding vision, which addresses community concerns, such as accountability, engagement, elimination of waste, and community support.

To address water supply issues, the plan recommends five actions:

  1. Raise the profile of water use and reuse performance
  2. Promote and expand water capture and reuse
  3. Improve water efficiency and reuse capacity in the built environment
  4. Encourage water-efficient landscape decisions
  5. Promote green infrastructure and low-impact development

The plan outlines supporting strategies to facilitate these actions and for each strategy, it provides detailed information including required resources, key stakeholders, key activities, leading agency, and a proposed time frame.

For example, in the section on improving water use and reuse performance, the plan identifies a goal to "Expand engagement and education opportunities around water stewardship initiatives in Chula Vista." The background for this goal describes the city's "robust history of community engagement around issues of environmental conservation and climate change," and describes how the Water Stewardship Plan is an extension of this. To achieve this goal of increased engagement, the city plans to expand the existing CLEAN Business Program, which provides participating businesses with no-cost resources and informational workshops can serve as a platform for engaging the local business community in the water conservation and reuse initiatives. Also, the installation of interpretive signage about green infrastructure and water efficiency initiatives throughout the community is recommended to enhance the visibility of the City’s commitment to water stewardship. 


Publication Date: November 2016

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