Climate Adaptation Policy: The Role and Value of Information

This issue brief is one in a series that results from a domestic adaptation research project conducted by Resources for the Future.

This report states that the U.S. federal government should redirect the nation's significant investment in climate science and data collection to include information to specifically support decisions related to climate adaptation.

The report  discusses information that is relevant and needed to support domestic climate change adaptation.

Some concluding recommendations for the federal climate science community to consider in terms of making the information meaningful and useful in application include: 1) adopt principles about the value of information to guide data collection and analysis; 2) closely link the nearly 50 climate variables that science experts have identified as essential to understanding climate, with priorities for practical decision-making for adaptive actions; 3) increase the emphasis on the spatial scale relevant to regional, state, and local decisions; and 4) exploit the current conceptualization of Earth as a system to search for climate induced, financially relevant micro-correlations - tiny, often overlooked correlations between climate variables - over time and across different parts of the world.


Publication Date: May 2010

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  • Molly K. Macauley

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  • Climate science

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