Climate Change Adaptation Across the Landscape: A survey of federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, and academic institutions in the United States

To better define "climate change adaptation" and to assess the current status of adaptation planning and implementation with the U.S. conservation community, 68 interviews across 44 organizations were conducted. These interviews included federal and state agency staff, conservationists within non-governmental organizations, and academic scientists thinking about or working on climate change adaptation. Using a survey guide and standard methodology, these experts were asked to define climate change adaptation, discuss ongoing adaptation planning efforts, provide examples of adaptation techniques and practices, and list costs associated with these techniques. Participants were asked to discuss the challenges in planning for and implementing adaptation, the metrics associated with adaptation project monitoring, partnership opportunities, and communication strategies. Results from each of the different sectors are summarized, and synthesized results are presented.

Publication Date: February 10, 2009

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