Climate Change Impacts on Florida (with a specific look at groundwater impacts)

This article discusses the impact of climate change on Florida's hydrologic cycle and groundwater.

The report addresses the several distinct areas of the state that may incur different results from climate change impacts, and what those impacts may be on water supply. The section "Meeting the Climate Change Challenge" addresses the compounding affects of climate changeĀ for water suppliers in attempting to determine how the hydrologic cycle provides water to service areas, in what quantities, and with what level of reliability.

Regarding methods of adaptation, groundwater recharge protection measures are described in the categories of:

  • Stormwater retention improvements. 
  • Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater supplies through appropriate timing. 
  • Relocation of wells. 
  • Preservation of recharge areas. 
  • Coastal armoring and lock structures. 
  • Artificial recharge scenarios. 
  • Aquifer storage and recovery. 
  • Alteration of wastewater disposal patterns to include beneficial reuse and salinity barriers

Publication Date: September 2009

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  • Frederick Bloetscher


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  • Academic research paper

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