Climate Chaos and Local Resiliency – Water Solutions in the American West 

Carpe Diem West presents seven case studies of local water resilience/conservation initiatives across the western U.S. in this online resource.  The organization’s 10th year anniversary report is a presentation of successfully implemented solutions for adapting our water usage to the changing climate. These seven stories highlight strategies that are grounded on the principles of equity, collaboration and sustainability.

Case studies include:

  • Good Stewards: An innovative new partnership supports Latino advocates for the Colorado
  • The Good Neighbor: Seattle Public Utilities puts social justice and equity goals into action
  • $84 Million and Worth Every Penny: Missoulians take control of their water
  • Protecting the Best: Farmers and Utility work together for clean water
  • Raise the River: Bringing hope back to the Colorado River Delta
  • Thinking Big, Thinking Ahead, Acting Now: Albuquerque invests in watershed restoration
  • From Decades of Discord to a Mountain Accord: Collaboration in the Central Wasatch

Some of the water solutions discussed demonstrate regional and even international collaboration. For example, one of the case studies describes how U.S. and Mexican non-governmental organizations are working together to bring water back to the Colorado River Delta, in Mexico.

Publication Date: December 2017


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  • Best practice
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