Climate Resilience Webinars: Farming for Success in the 21st Century

Farming for Success in the 21st Century climate resilience webinars are provided online by CalCAN, the California Climate and Agriculture Network. This series of three webinars provides tools to help growers cope with a changing climate and extreme weather events. The webinars highlight the importance of building healthy soils, increasing biodiversity, and employing water stewardship strategies.

This three-part webinar series is geared to agricultural conservation professionals such as RCD, Extension and NRCS staff. Each webinar provides an overview of expected climate impacts such as increased water scarcity, warming temperatures and unpredictable and extreme weather events, and tools for enhancing on-farm resilience and adaptation to changing climate conditions.

Soil Building for Climate Resilience
Building healthier soils can help growers enhance the resilience of farm operations and cope with a changing climate while improving crop yields, increasing soil water holding capacity and water infiltration rate, increasing soil fertility, and decreasing input costs. This webinar discusses the multiple benefits of keeping nutrients such as carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) in balance as well as practical methods for increasing soil organic matter. Speakers: Rex Dufour (ATTRA/NCAT) Jocelyn Gretz (Rio Farms), Jeff Creque (Marin Carbon Project)

Biodiversity for Climate Resilience
Increasing biodiversity can help growers cope with a changing climate and more extreme weather events by providing “insurance” against unpredictable conditions and by restoring the ecosystem services that support crop productivity. This webinar discusses the climate benefits and additional environmental and economic benefits of on-farm biological diversity in farm products and in the landscape, as well as some tools and the practical considerations. Speakers: Louise Jackson (UC Davis, Department of Land, Air, Water Resources), Sam Earnshaw (Hedgerows Unlimited), Judith Redmond (Full Belly Farm)

Water Use Efficiency & On-Farm Storage for Climate Resilience
Growers can cope with a changing climate and extreme weather events more effectively by employing water stewardship strategies such as increasing water use efficiency, maximizing yields, and reducing soil erosion - all important for enhancing the resilience of farm operations and controlling costs. This webinar explores practices to help farmers bank more water in soils and catchments and improve water use efficiency on-farm. Speakers: Brittany Heck and John Green (Gold Ridge RCD), Kevin Greer (Tehama RCD)

  This webinar series was funded by the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, and offered in partnership with the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts, California NRCS and UC Cooperative Extension.

Publication Date: 2014

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