Coastal GeoTools Conference Series

Coastal GeoTools provides a network for sharing technical information relevant to the nation's coastal programs. The Abstracts and Presentations from the most recent Coastal GeoTools Conference in 2015 is a database of conference materials, providing information on geospatial data, tools, technology, and information for coastal resource management professionals. 

Some of the presentations available include: "New Interactive Guide to Green Infrastructure Mapping for Coastal Resilience," "Maps to Resilience: Data and Maps to Start Discussion About Coastal Flood Hazards," "Innovative and Interactive Green Stormwater Infrastructure Tools," "Evaluating Coastal Land Cover Data for Wetland Change and Resilience," and "Coastal Resilience Planning in the Great Lakes - From Stories to Solutions."

The website also includes information on previous GeoTools conferences, annually from 2005. The Coastal GeoTools 2015 Conference is the eighth in the series, and was attended by over 340 coastal professionals. 





Publication Date: April 2, 2015


  • Coastal
  • Fish and fisheries
  • Information technology

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